Coro Marked Jewelry by Aguilar?

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Coro Marked Jewelry by Aguilar?

Postby antiquer » Mon May 09, 2005 8:51 pm

Hello All,

I know that a relationship between the American jewelry firm CORO and Aguilar is documented. And, it is obvious that some of the pieces marked CORO Made in Mexico Silver are from Aguilar's workshop.

What I am wondering is - Are all of the Coro Mexico pieces by Aguilar? or did Coro have business relationships with other Mexican silver firms. Anybody out there know?



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Postby plata » Wed May 11, 2005 4:49 pm

Penny Morrill's excellent reference book SILVER MASTERS OF MEXICO talks at great length (p. 135) about Aguilars Taller Borda and the partnership with the owner of Coro, Gerald Rosenberger. It does not appear that Rosenberger partnered with any other Mexican firms but some of the designers that worked in Hector Aguilars firm during the Coro period (1943-1950) went on to open their own silversmith business so it is possible they took along with them ideas that had been incorporated in Coro designs. Some of those workers were Luis Flores, Reveriano Castillo and Ignacio Castillo. Hope this helps answer your question.

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