Against the Grain: Kabylia - Kraków - Until 22-10-2017

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Against the Grain: Kabylia - Kraków - Until 22-10-2017

Postby dognose » Sun Oct 08, 2017 1:35 pm

Muzeum Etnograficzne
ul. Krakowska 46
31-066 Kraków

Against the Grain: Kabylia

Until 22nd October 2017

Against the Grain: Kabylia, the newest exhibition in the Ethnographic Museum of Kraków, confronts stereotypes of Islam and Africa. To combat the tendency towards simplification and generalisation, the exhibition focuses on only one sliver of this world – Kabylia, a region in northern Algeria. This is the first exhibition in Poland about culture which – despite all odds – has preserved its identity over the span of almost two thousand years.

Jewellery and ceramics best express Kabyle culture as they demonstrate the high social status of Kabyle women. It was thanks to women that their cultural code survived, and during some periods this code took on a very conspiratorial form – it became the reference point for the social and nationalistic aspirations of the Kabyle people.

The story about Kabylia is told through objects: jewellery from the private collection of Urszula Zanotti, ceramics from the Ethnographic Museum of Kraków, and archival materials from the collection of Adam Rybiński. This exhibition is evidence of a living culture which, seen from up close, not only clearly marks its uniqueness but also surprises and calls for a reevaluation of stereotypical thinking about the uniformity of the Muslim world.

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 10 am - 7 pm (Closed Mondays)

Admission: 10.00 PLN,1118_a ... ition.html

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