Old Decorative Silver Box - Pls help identify origin & m

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Old Decorative Silver Box - Pls help identify origin & m

Postby klala » Wed May 24, 2006 12:25 pm

Hello, I acquired this beautiful silver box in an estate lot of vanity items recently and cannot identify hallmarks on it nor do I know country of origin. It is hand made. There is a crown hallmark that is part faded along with a star with what looks likes some initials in it. On the right of the star is faded letters that is just visible enough to know there was something ther at one time. I cannot make out what. Perhaps 925? I beleive this item to be sterling silver. Any help is appreciated. Kind regards, KL

http://sv1.letmehost.com/img.php?file=s ... x2_000.JPG

http://sv1.letmehost.com/img.php?file=s ... x3_000.JPG

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