Silver miniature, but from what? And maker?

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Silver miniature, but from what? And maker?

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I have a really strange silver miniature as you can see on the pictures. I am really curious what this should be? Also the hallmark of the maker is unclear to me and doesn't fit to any marks in my books. Who can help me out?



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Re: Silver miniature, but from what? And maker?

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The maker's mark is almost like the town mark of Haarlem, a sword flanked by two stars under a cross, here with an elongated H for Zilverfabriek Haarlem b.v./Louis Premselaar b.v, registered in the cities of Haarlem, Amsterdam en Aerdenhout, 1975- present/inactive since?

Old-fashioned field sink on tripod, the reservoir was filled with clean hot or cold water, the cup could be used to pour water over hair, head and private parts, and of course the soap dish could not be missing, the bottom tub for soaking and washing the feet. Like mandiën or mandi Malay for showering by pouring small buckets of water over oneself or Ham(m)am, ritual washing Wudu, Jewish ritual cleanliness.
Am I right, I wouldn't know, this is the first miniature of its kind that I see.

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