Klaas Djurrema?

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Klaas Djurrema?

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::::: I found a reference to this silversmithing firm ending in 1841, but if this is Klaas Djurrema, did another silversmith take over after the death of Klaas Djurrema in 1820? ::::::::
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Re: Klaas Djurrema?

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Klaas Djurrema maker's mark KD under crown, registered in Dokkum 1773-1811 and DD under * in lozenge, registered in Dokkum 1812-1841
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The mark on your silver beaker with year letter Q for 1825
The mark DH above hare in lozenge, for Jan Anthonis de Haas Sr, registered in Amsterdam 1796-1835
Jan Anthonis (Jean Anthoine) de Haas Sr. was born ca. 1753. He was the son of Hendrik de Haas and Johanna Benoit, who had married in 1751. He himself married four times. Johanna Christina Margaretha Giesen became his first wife in 1773. Thereafter, in 1785, he was married for the second time to Martha Mercier. In 1789 he became ‘poorter’ (burgher) of Amsterdam and only in 1796 he was registered at the Amsterdam silversmiths’ guild. Before registration he had to do a ‘service worker test’ (grootwerkers-proef) at J. Buijsen’s workshop. On 14 March 1812 he was registered at the new office, stating that he was a service worker (grootwerker). In the meantime he had tied the knot for the third time by marrying Geertruida Elisabeth Mercier in 1804 and for the fourth time in 1805 by marrying Petronella Smit. Presumably he worked until his death on 11 January 1835, then residing at Rozengracht nr. 31, in Amsterdam, for his maker’s mark was handed in at the hallmark office after his death.

De Haas, as a service worker, was a regular supplier to the company Bennewitz & Bonebakker. However, from 1 January 1822 onward, this company ceased to exist. Bennewitz founded his own company Bennewitz & Sons. From 1822 J.A. de Haas’s name appears as ‘work master’ at the new company As Bonebakker & Son. Together with other ‘work masters’ Bentvelt and Stellingwerff he was very productive and he earned the most for his supplies of silver objects to the new firm in 1822.



Source; Waarborgholland, ˜Netherlands' Responsibility Marks since 1797
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